Dropping off Lincoln at puppy bird camp, 2017

A first-time dog owner in his mid-forties, Robb’s current motivating interests lie at the intersection of outdoor pursuits (including fly fishing and upland hunting), how human beings discover and create meaning and strive for love and goodness while at the same time confronting the reality of our own mortality and the inherent and inescapable impermanence of all earthly, time-bound things. A graduate of the University of Richmond (English Literature), the University of Chicago (History of Religions, Tibetan and South Asian Religious Traditions), and the School of Hard Knocks (same course of study embarked upon by anyone older than 30), Robb lives in Virginia with the great love of his life, his wife, Heather, and together they are growing into a new life changed by the sublime companionship of their bird dog, a Brittany, named Lincoln.